Welcome to Yaad Finance: Teaching Jamaicans How to Make their Money Grow | Yaad Finance S1 EP0

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Yaad Finance Podcast
Yaad Finance Podcast

Welcome to Yaad Finance Podcast

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Yaad Finance Podcast. This is the introduction episode of the brand new Yaad Finance Episode. This episode gives you guys an overview of the things we will be talking about and sharing tips and information on. We hope to use this new podcast as well as website “YaadFinance.com” to give Jamaicans in Jamaica and abroad some knowledge and insight of how to invest their money and have it working for them from anywhere in the world. Instead of having the Chinese, the Americans and Canadians coming in here and buying up our lands and natural resources and reaping most of the benefits, why not do it ourselves? That’s what Yaad Finance is here to teach. Self-reliance and efficiency. Like our hero, Marcus Garvey preached while he was alive.

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By Yaad Finance

Yaad Finance is here to educate and expose as much Jamaicans Yaad and a broad, about financial literacy, investment, real estate and much more.

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