Apple Reaches 2 Trillion Dollar: Why You Should Invest in Apple | The Apple Stock Split Explained

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Apple Reaches 2 Trillion Dollar
Apple Reaches 2 Trillion Dollar

Apple Reaches 2 Trillion Dollar

Apple Reaches 2 Trillion dollars, Apple was officially a 2 trillion dollar company today August 19, 2020. The second company in history to reach the milestone before dipping back slightly down below the 2 trillion marks. Saudi Arabia Aramco topped the 2 million mark back in December when it went public. It has since tumbled way below that due to the fall in oil prices.

Why You Should Invest in Apple

Apple is really the company to invest in right now. They have a strong balance sheet, multiple sources of cash flow. There is excitement for the new iPhone 12 with 5g capabilities releasing soon as well. As the smartphone business shrink globally Apple has taken steps to diversify its business from being too dependent on iPhone sales. So they have launch subscription services like Apple Music, iCloud, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. There are also talks about Apple investing in electric vehicles. So apple is eyeing the future and they are definitely one of the tech companies that will be here for the future.

Apple Reaches 2 Trillion Dollar


Apple Stock Splits

For all retail and young investors, Apple’s upcoming stock split is a big opportunity to jump on the company hype train. You will be able to buy the stock at a significantly lower price than it currently is right now. The stock is currently trading at around $465, it is to be split four to one at the end of this month. The company will still retain its value just offering more shares at a cheaper price point.

This is good for investors like me and many others who can now get apple shares at a very discounted price while riding the wave of it soaring to the next $400 (four hundred dollars) price point. So my advice for anyone interested in taking advantage of this new stock price at the end of august is to save up as much income as you can and go all-in on Apple. You will not be disappointed.

The tech stocks have shown us that they can weather all most any storm. The Apple stock has soared some 60% this year despite the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s now at its all-time high.

Millennial and Gen Z Investors

Robinhood and other fintech Apps like it are reshaping in investing for millennials and Gen Z. The impact that Millennials and Gen Z have had on the stock market became very apparent during this pandemic. The Robinhood App crash multiple times due to surge in usage, companies stock either rise or fell as a result of young people buying on selling on the Robinhood App.


Companies like Apple and Tesla have taken notice. This is why they are offering a stock split at the end of this month for young people to pour more investment into these companies. It is a smart move by Apple and Tesla, they have realized the value of young investors and how eager and fearless they are in the stock market. also, realizing that investors might be strap for cash during the pandemic, so why not lower the cost. While on the other hand, many older investors who are either retiring or close to retiring will be pulling their investment out of the stock market. This pandemic was probably a wake-up call for older investors nearing retirement that they are too old to deal with the volatility of the stock market.

Young investors will continue to be the most important demographic in the stock market, especially during this pandemic. 

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