Why Microsoft(Xbox) will Defeat Sony(PlayStation) in the gaming business

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Microsoft will defeat Sony
Microsoft will defeat Sony

Why Microsoft(Xbox) will Defeat Sony(PlayStation)

Microsoft will defeat Sony in the gaming business. Microsoft and Sony have been rivals for almost two decades now. Ever since Microsoft released its first gaming console The Xbox, to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and its dominance in the high-end gaming market. Over the years the two companies have directly competed with each other via consoles and game exclusives battling for market share. However, as the technological landscape change to cloud computing and device portability, it seems Microsoft now has a clear advantage to surpass Sony as the biggest console and game company.

Microsoft and Sony’s new Consoles and Digital Platforms 

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X are slated as the next opponents in Microsoft and Sony’s consoles war. Both companies will be releasing two versions of their consoles. There will be a cheaper version for both referred to as the digital edition. The digital versions are being used to promote both company’s digital game library. As internet speed and penetration has increased drastically alongside cloud computing, the need for games on physical disks are no longer necessary.

Games can now be bought online and quickly be downloaded onto the consoles hard drive. Plus with a digital copy of a game, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost, stolen, or the disk getting scratched. Even if you delete the game from your console hard-drive you would still own a copy online.

 The price of Xbox and PlayStation consoles are as follows:


Xbox Series X$499

Xbox Series S(Digital) – $299

PlayStation 5 – $499

PlayStation 5 (Digital) – $399

Microsoft Game Plan to defeat Sony “The Cloud!!!”

Microsoft has come to the realization that Cloud computing is the future. As a matter of a fact, the company owns Azure Cloud Services one of the biggest cloud businesses in the industry. This is where Microsoft has Sony beat. Microsoft cloud business is already huge and establish. Now they are using this knowledge and expertise to launch Xcloud a Microsoft Xbox Cloud Game service. Couple this with there game pass subscription services, it safe to say that Microsoft has found the formula to defeat Sony.

This plan by Microsoft is to turn Xbox into an ecosystem that can be experienced from any computer device. From smart-phones, smart TVs, and computers gamers will be able to play from anywhere as long as they have a strong internet connection. This plan is genius for a number of reasons but the most important one would be that it allow gaming to become significantly cheaper. Now you don’t have to buy an expensive console or laptop to enjoy high graphics games. Microsoft is combining xCloud and Game Pass for a $15/month subscription tier that would allow you to experience gaming on any device of your choosing.

Cloud Computing is the future and Microsoft already has a massive lead. Sony now has to start investing heavily in its own cloud gaming platform in other to level the playing field. The future is clear, consoles and high-end hardware laptops will no longer be necessary for high graphics gaming. The cloud via blazingly face internet connection will handle all the hard work. You just have to play on any device of your choice.

Source: (Yaad Finance, CNBC)

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